Sunday, September 9, 2018

Finding Your Feet (and a Phatty)

Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall share a joint in British bohemia in Finding Your Feet. 
More news reports are coming out about how baby boomers (aka seniors) are turning back to marijuana, whether for medical or recreational reasons. And popular culture continues to follow suit.

The 2017 British film Finding Your Feet features actresses Celia Imrie (Kingdom, Nanny McPhee) and Imelda Stanton (Vera Drake, Harry Potter) as senior citizens Bif and Saundra, who join a dance troupe and re-discover life, and love.

Bourgeois Saundra shows up at her bohemian sister Bif's doorstep after leaving her cheating husband. Bif lives in the projects, rides a bike, is politically active, and smokes pot with her handyman/dealer friend Charlie (Timothy Spall).

Imrie and Staunton share a sisterly puff. 
Saundra, who drinks so much to cope she gets arrested for disorderly behavior, is predictably unaccepting of her sister's freewheeling lifestyle, including her "wacky tobac."

"I'm not like you, Bif," Saundra protests. "I just can't open up like a lotus flower." But she's humanized by her experiences throughout the film and the next time bad news hits her, she asks for a puff instead of a bottle, and begins to flower herself.

The still-impish Imrie, aged 66, admits to having smoked marijuana. Staunton, 62, says of the film, "At the very least, it’s an afternoon spent watching a gentle, feel-good story with a little bit of a cry. That’s not so bad.” Indeed, it's nice to see these fine actors in something other than a children's story, or a comic book.

Finding Your Feet was released earlier this year in Canada and can be found on Amazon Prime.

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