Monday, March 5, 2018

NRA TV Calls Marijuana “A Prostitute of Sorts”

Marijuana makes an appearance in an exposé of NRA TV by John Oliver.

Beginning at 13:57, an NRA TV "news" report that sounds more like an infomercial proclaims:

Hidden beneath the dense canopy of trees is a prostitute of sorts.
Those who profit by selling her will stop at nothing to exploit her.

Sold and promoted for her 
non-addictive, even medicinal advantages, what lies behind 
the veil of this seductress is far different that what she first appears to be.

She is a harlot, and her name is Mary Jane.

This in a segment that revealed what Oliver called "gun porn" and documented the shocking way the NRA and the gun industry are urging women to become “Armed and Fabulous,” including promoting purses with special “conceal and carry” pouches and airing a program called "Love at First Shot" that encourages women to take their first shot from a gun, using an AR-15 in the episode shown.


Of course, possibly as far back as Jezebel or even Ishtar, marijuana has been long and assiduously associated with leading women down the road to sin, allowing modern drug warriors to use titillating images of females to gain attention for their self-serving campaigns (witness below). It seems now the plant itself is a victim of what Oliver points out is "slut shaming."

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