Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adieu to Joe

From The Capitol Steps CD Papa's Got a Brand New Baghdad

Green Green Grass at Home
(with chords from "Green, Green Grass of Home", written by Claude "Curly" Putman Jr.)

Well this (C)year won't be the same
As the (F)'92 campaign
When those who (C)ran denied that they smoked (G)marijuana
Years a(C)go a guy would (C7)be a goner
(F) Now it's like a (Dm7)badge of honor
To (C)say you smoked the (G)green green grass back (C)home.
Yes, you'd be a fool to (C7)grab a boobie
But (F)it's real cool to (Dm7)light a doobie
Like (C)Kerry, Dean and (G)Edwards did back home

There's not a sound from Wesley Clark
So he might just be a narc
And though Joe Lieberman won't smoke
We think he needs to
Though Al Sharpton says that pot's a dumb thing
His barber must be high on something
He's wearing reefer madness on his dome.

Now it seems that the people long
For the days of Cheech, and of Chong
And the voters they just want their candidates to like 'em
So there's no need to hide that sweet aroma
Or to say you've got glaucoma
If Democrats can call the White House home
Cause the Democrats have got a stealth plan
Marijuana's their new health plan
They'll give you pot, but then you're on your own.

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