Friday, January 13, 2012

Heather's Happening

Heather Donahue, blogged of here for making the journey from actress (The Blair Witch Project) to activist (a self-outed medical marijuana grower and author of the new book GrowGirl) has been getting lots of press as her book hits the stores.

She was cartooned in The New Yorker (shown right) and appeared yesterday on The View, where members of the audience received her book. People magazine ran a profile too.

“I have really mixed feelings about the hippie lifestyle,” she told The Daily Beast. “Part of me feels the intention is so right; of course we should be taking responsibility for what we eat and take care of each other. But because of the ‘pot wife’ element and ‘man’s world’ side of it, that’s what kept The Community out of balance. Women were not sharing power."

“Right now, it’s the only multibillion-dollar industry whose wealth is distributed at the mom-and-pop level, so it actually supports middle-class families,” said Donahue. “I would hate to see this business that’s been developed by the people and for the people be taken over. If legalization happened without a great deal of care, that would happen quickly and the people who built the business would end up being sharecroppers for big agro companies.”

Now doing more writing, Donahue is glad her "right intention" meditation practice lead her to growing medical pot. “I wanted to create something that I thought was good, positive, and helpful,” she said.

You Go, Grow Girl!!

Heather will be reading from her book at the following events:

Burbank, CA
Dark Delicacies
Time: 2:00pm. Admission: Free.
Address: 3512 West Magnolia Boulevard. Venue phone: (818) 556-6660.

Book Soup
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: Free.
Address: 8818 Sunset Blvd. Venue phone: (310) 659-3110.

Oakland, CA
A Great Good Place for Books
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: Free.
Address: 6120 La Salle Avenue. Venue phone: (510) 339-8210.

Corte Madera, CA
Book Passage
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: Free.
Address: 51 Tamal Vista Blvd.

San Francisco
The Booksmith
Time: 7:30pm. Admission: Free.
Address: 1644 Haight Street. Venue phone: (415) 863-8688.

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