Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dolores Fonzi Speaks Out; Paula Nelson Gets Arrested

Argentinian actress Dolores Fonzi, the wife of prominent Mexican actor Gael García Bernal and mother of two young children, has appeared on the cover of the Spanish-language cannabis enthusiast magazine THC (pictured) and told El Mundo that she has smoked marijuana for 20 years.

The thirty-five year old actress said that smoking pot opened her up, and now relaxes her, like a glass of wine. After doing her daily chores with her children: taking them to the garden, feeding them, bathing them, "I have a smoke, and it's how I take a break from everyday obligations. I use it to read, watch a movie or sleep."

Fonzi, who lives in Mexico, said she does not hide her marijuana smoking from her children, and if they ask her about it, she will be honest about her experience with it. "Neither stimulate nor suppress," she said. "They will make their own way."

Bernal played Che Guevera in The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) and has come out in favor of marijuana legalization. UPDATE 1/16: He just won a Golden Globe for portraying NY Symphony conductor Rodrigo, who "publicly endorses hallucinogens" and scores pot in the park in the Amazon Prime Series "Mozart in the Jungle," based on the book "Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music" by Tokin' Woman Blair Tindall. Two female members of the orchestra bond over a pipe in the series, where the drummer (natch) is the peddler.

Here in the US, Willie Nelson's daughter Paula was arrested for pot possession on 4/20 after her tour bus was pulled over for speeding and she reportedly consented to a search. According to KVUE.TV, The Paula Nelson Band had just spent two weeks performing in Colorado and was headed back home through Texas when the incident happened.

"We were driving back from Colorado, where of course it's now recreationally legal, and because of my lineage I get a lot of gifts while we're there," said Nelson. Those gifts were in the van when she was pulled over for speeding in Menard, which is two hours west of Austin. The officer found less than two ounces of weed and some edible treats containing pot.

When accused of staging the bust as a publicity stunt, Nelson replied that if so she would have had her hair done for her mug shot (which is just what I was thinking). Nelson's CD sales have reportedly doubled since the news broke. Under Texas law, she faces up to 180 days in jail and a two thousand dollar fine.

Expressing surprise at the amount of hate speech aimed at the police that was posted on her Facebook page in response to the news of her bust, Nelson told KVUE, "It wasn't their fault. They were doing their jobs and they were upholding a law that shouldn't be a law."

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